Tawni Lester - Founder

Tawni’s classes are grounded in creativity and vulnerability. You can expect to be guided through inspired, challenging sequences with an emphasis of honoring your own body. She is passionate about the transformational power of mindful movement and intentional breath. She strives to hold space for each student, allowing them to find their own flow and connect to their heart.

Her fiery energy creates dynamic, powerful, and challenging Power Vinyasa flows, while her nurturing energy allows her to hold space for restoration and healing in yin and restorative classes.

Lyndz Kelly Yoga Teacher.jpg

Lyndz Kelly

Yoga is the pulsing core of my life. An endless source of clarity, connection, humility and community. As a teacher, I emphasize compassion and vulnerability on the path to diminishing fear and building trust. Rooted in authentic light hearted energy, my mission is to empower students through playfulness, curiosity and musicality. As a lover of movement, my style is a distinct result of deeply integrated psychosomatic wisdom and experience obtained over the past 15 years. Having taught over 3,000 hours has provided me with the skills and confidence to safely lead all students from a solid and adaptable vantage point.

Classes are designed to cultivate a limitless experience of transformation and healing through intelligent sequencing, thematic weaving and functional movement. Vinyasa is fluid, dynamic and intuitively fierce; yet remains balanced and approachable. Expect to voyage beyond the surface layer, as we deep dive towards untapped potential and strength, unlocking profound awareness.Yin offers an opportunity to ground and soothe the soul with radical presence. Observation of emotional reactions and patterns lead you back to the energetic heart. This is a slow, intimate journey inward with mediation and breath work that is both powerful and palpable.


Alina Kuznetsova

Alina’s classes are rooted in presence and grace. You can expect to be guided to a place of comfortable discomfort, her energy will meet you where you are and inspire you to go deeper. Grounded in the power of practice, she cultivates a safe space for students to feel and move at their own energetic rhythm. Driven by transformations found in movement meditation and breath work, her classes flow with the intention to clear what is blocking - allowing a soft awakening into the strength of being.

All are welcome and all are loved in her presence, she has a gift of touch and will offer hands on assists and adjustments as she guides you through your practice of becoming.

Lisa Flick.jpg

Lisa Flick

Lisa is a 500-hour RYT, Enneagram coach, and a forever student of yoga and movement. Her offerings are rooted in accessibility and simple creativity with the intention of giving students refreshed, empowered, and inspired energy. In her classes expect a blend of therapeutic movements, strength work, and nuanced, progressive sequencing.

In addition to leading yoga classes, Lisa teaches HIIT+Yoga, mentors new yoga instructors through their first year of teaching, and leads self-reflection, team-building, and leadership workshops. She believes we can find yoga in all things, and her goal is to bring the community her insights and knowledge for a transformative experience on many different levels.


Kendall Tetsworth

Kendall Tetsworth is a seeker, trauma survivor, and wounded healer at heart. She found ease and relief through Yoga, meditation and Buddhism after years of navigating anxiety, depression and PTSD. Kendall teaches a whole hearted, embodied practice through mindfulness and non-dualism. She teaches from a strong center of compassion, connection and returning home to ourselves through the balance of movement and stillness. Her teaching style guides others through the mind-body connection in the present moment by creating and holding a safe, open and supportive space in her classes. It allows each of us to be present in our own unique experience, and gives us the opportunity to show up and connect with our most authentic selves. She weaves playfulness and intention with thought provoking messages throughout her classes that allow for a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you. Kendall is known for cultivating spaces that encourages people to fall in love with themselves, and move from a place of awareness, kindness, and ease in the present moment.

Kendall is a practicing Buddhist and dedicated meditator with training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Yoga Nidra, Zen, Vipassana, and Theravada Buddhist meditation traditions.

Megan Percy.jpg

Megan Percy

Megan is a vinyasa style yoga instructor that integrates her knowledge of anatomy and experience as a movement coach into every class she teaches. She is extremely passionate about educating others about their bodies throughout class, as well as creating a space where everyone can practice regardless of their limitations. Megan always offers modifications for those dealing with pain/injury in their body to ensure they are moving safely. The sequences she creates allow her students to find flow through their practice, while offering a playful but focused atmosphere. She also LOVES to connect with others, and always wants to create an atmosphere that serves each person that steps into their way. Her goal as an instructor is to provide a space that connects her students with their movement, breath, and the present moment.


Autumn Baughn

Autumn is a yoga teacher, homeschooling mama, outdoor adventurer, and big advocate for finding ways to care for yourself in every season of life. Yoga had been an on and off part of her movement practice since she was a teen, but it wasn't until after the birth of her second baby that yoga became her lifeline to connection with her body and something bigger. In her classes you can expect a little play and lightheartedness added to your practice, a lot of sweat and space for intensity and challenge, invitations to soften to what you need in the moment, and lots of room to gain what you need from your time on the mat. Autumn is passionate about modifications, yoga being accessible to every body, learning what serves you and your heart best, and to deeply listen to your inner voice. You'll leave class with new tools to bring into your day to day life, be that in breath, movement, grounding, or being able to reach that thing under the couch without pain!


Liza Higbee-Robinson

Liza experiences yoga as a creative, generative practice that guides toward new ways of knowing and growing, honoring and trusting, loving and living. As an instructor, Liza is influenced by Vinyasa (flow), Rishikesh Hatha, and Anusara Yoga traditions. She has taught yoga in the Puget Sound region since 2014 when she completed her 200-Hour Power Yoga teacher training with Melissa Longfellow in Bellingham, Washington.

Liza crafts energizing and empowering flow sequences and attends to sustainable alignment in every class. She guides her students to land in their bodies and maintain contact with their breath, with minds that are untethered to past and future moments, and curious about what’s possible here and now. She encourages her students to practice from a place of authenticity and self-care at all times. Liza is beyond excited to have recently resettled in Bellingham with her family and looks forward to sharing her practice with Intent’s blooming community!